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Speed Limit Guidelines - The Clinton County Engineer’s Office gets many requests to lower speed limits on a number of different types of roads within the county. This page better describes the reason for speed limits and the process of changing speed limits, especially those on county and townships roads and streets.

Technical Review Committee - various county offices are involved in the building and development process.  In an effort to facilitate these processes, a Technical Review Committee meets each Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. at the Engineer's Office.  This meeting allows anyone to discuss a particular development, survey, plot plan, etc.  A representative from each of the offices involved in the approval process is present to review requests.  Customers are seen on a first come, first serve basis.  Click here For a Guide to the Building Process in Clinton County.

Mailbox Construction and Installation Guidelines Brochure

Mailbox Replacement Policy

Snow and Ice Removal  - The County is responsible for snow and ice removal on all county roads.  The respective townships are responsible for snow and ice removal on all township roads.  Accepted subdivisions are the responsibility of the township in which they are located.  Subdivisions under construction are the responsibility of the developer.  Please contact the appropriate authority dependent on your location.  Subdivisions contact list.



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