House Number Request - To request an address, you may contact the Engineer's Office and provide the information shown on the top portion of this form.  If the driveway will be accessing a state route, contact the Ohio Dept. of Transportation to get an approved driveway location, prior to requesting your address.  If the property is located within city limits, please contact the City of Wilmington for your address.  If the property is located within village limits, please contact the local post office for the address.

OPWC Request - This is the application for Ohio Public Works Commission for townships and villages wishing to apply for funding for projects relating to road, bridge/culvert, water supply, wastewater, solid waste, or storm water improvements.   Applications shall be submitted to the County Engineer's Office by August 1st of each year for consideration for the following year.  Click here for Application Instructions.

Township Assistance Request - This form is used by Township Trustees to request work to be performed by the County for their township.




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